Commercial corporate law and business

Legal consultations fo businessIn the field of business and corporate legal advice, the Law Firm Annino offers services to Italian and International companies, offering impromptu advice on specific cases or by means of a physical and continuous presence in the corporate headquarters if the company requires so. Clients of the Law Firm Annino are given guidance regarding both their legal profile as well as aspects of finance and taxation.
Law Firm Annino assists its clients in their role as buyers or sellers in acquisition transactions in various sectors of the economy and industry in Italy and abroad.In particular, it offers advice on company law concerning the creation, start up and running of a company, buying and selling of shares, pledge of securities contracts and the responsibilities of directors and auditors.

Our vast experience in the Business Contracts, allows us to assist and give advice to businesses, on the drafting of principal business contracts in Italian and English, based on Italian law (buying/selling, leasing, factoring, tendering, mandates, agencies , business procurement, mediation, storage, business location, rental and relocation of the companies, surety, etc..).

Many companies to not have a dedicated internal legal department and often outsource the management of  legal issues; Law Firm Annino, has the professional staff able to assist businesses that require legal support which has become indispensable in the daily operating within local markets and abroad.