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Gianfranco Annino born at Messina 19th November 1970

1984 To 1889 He received his diploma as an aspiring commander in the Merchant Navy, having studied at the Technical Nautical Institute “F. Caracciolo” in Bari. As a neo-diplomat he was approached by an import-export company to undertake research regarding the possibility of trade relations between Italy and the United Arab Emirates. During this period he resided in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

1989 To 1991 He assumed the post of Marine Naval Major first at the Naval academy in Livorno and thereafter as Naval Company Commander at the recruitment and training centre at M.M. Taranto.

1992 To 1997  Graduated – Degree In Giuris Prudence  having majored in criminal law at the University of Bari. He completed his degree with a result of 104/110. His thesis was overseen by Prof. Avv. Aldo Regina (School Antolisei). The thesis was titled “ Contribution to prosecution in criminal proceedings”  Hereafter he collaborated with the department of Criminal Rights and in June 1999 he was ranked 2nd in the research doctorates in Criminal Law and organized crime at the University of Bari.

1995 To 1996  Head of Administration at the Hotel Printemps in Aosta. He was responsible for client registrations, arrivals,departures compilation and control of Istat C60 documents and the communication of daily occupancy to the relevant authorities, cashier control, recording foreign currency transactions and managing the bank accounts.

1997 To 2000 Became a fully practicing lawyer at the Law Firm Plotino in Bari, with the right to practice granted by the magistrate of the District Appeal Court of Bari in 1998.

2001 Was entered in the professional register of Velletri. Initially he opened an office in Grottaferrata and later went on to establish offices in Rome, Velletri, Milano and Cagliari.

Areas of Excellence :

Involvement in high profile organized crime cases.

Lecturer in Criminal Law and Organised Crime  for CEPIC ( Centro Europeo di Psicologia Investigazione e Criminologia) offering courses recognized by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research in the field of Criminology and Investigative Sciences. As well as lecturing at the University Tor Vergata in Rome.

Being an independent lawyer offering legal consultation in Criminal Law, Civil Law,Corporate Law and Bankruptcy.

Having high profile companies amongst our clients and companies publicly listed on the stock exchange to whom we offer quality legal consultations, including :  debt collection by.both out of court settlement or via legal channels, civil, criminal and corporate cases, bankruptcies and real estate transactions. We pay particular attention to contractual aspects, as well as, relationships with local authorities such as A.S.L. (Health Authorities) and A.R.P.A. ( Control of food quality and food fraud).

Offering consultation regarding the extraordinary administration process of Parmalat during the period 2003 – 2006  at the Parma High Court bankruptcy section.

Debt Collection : primary management via extragiudiciary and only in extreme cases through legal channels. The examination of Share from which Unit trusts are dervived, Injunctions, legal acts, property contract, real estate contracts, commercial transactions, report of losses for the allocation of outstanding debts under article 66cc.3 TUIR.

Pre-bankruptcy negotiations, out of court settlements, insolvency, agreements to subject to being placed under administration, analysis and management for commercial activities in crisis, financial and economic outlines; evaluation for strategic restructuring to recoup companies financial standing.

D.Lvo 231/2001, endo-corporate control systems, organizational models, legal areas of risk,delegating of roles, D.Lvo 81/2008 (D.Lvo 626/94), legal vigilance–prevention-protection and responsibility with regard to health and safety standards within the workplace; health legislation, responsibilities of health instituitions, legal responsibilities of medical practitioner, responsibilities of collaborative staff, responsibilities of pharmaceutical companies,patient rights and public health laws, consumer rights and legal responsibilities of producers.

I have fulfilled the role of Curator of Bankruptcy for the high court of Velletri and Honarary Magistrate for the Public Ministry until March 2011.

The Law Firm operates on a national and international level. Over and above our offices based in Italy we have satellite offices in Vienna which cover cases in Austrai, Germany, Switzerland and Lichtenstein, as well as in the USA and the United Arab Emirates.

September 2011

Avv. Gianfranco Annino

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